my Favorite Restaurants in Medellin

I am not a shill…     Maybe not all are simply the best, Let us just call them MY favorites… all I can say is that I enjoy the food, service, and ambience of…in no special order..

And your opinions are not germane to MY favorite list… Add yours!

Il Forno- yes, superior Italian
Hato Viejo-at Oviedo and Las Palmas
Albenzu-- belen
San Carbon-las Palmas
Pelegrino in Sabaneta
Catalunya in Sabaneta
Sirokkas in Parque Secondo de Laureles
El Rancherito… yes I do
Asia.. las Palmas
Sushi Taste -  laureles
La Peruana in Secondo Parque
Bonuar in Ciudad del Rio
The terrace at El Museo de Antioquia
El Tecuate Mexican// Laureles

Fave Pizza- Price Smart food court
Fave Hamburger - Ay Caramba Tex Mex Bacon burger

Best Desayuno y Almuerzo… My house.