Medellin Airport Easy to use!

  • Larry Rose Medellin airport is easy . You will need some cash ,Foreign Currency is OK... to rent a cart for luggage, and they are very strict about your luggage claim check. Customs is a worried group, so be prepared to get frisked and wanded several times. You can change money at the window before you leave the customs area. Porters for a small tip are ready to take your stuff to a taxi. But you can do it yourself. Taxi door to door is highly recommended but there are cheap and well maintained buses to town.. either San Diego Mall or Hotel Nutibarra only 9000 pesos. Taxi from the airport to your destination anywhere in town is 70,000 pesos, about $27 dollars and worth it. If you use the bus you need to get a taxi to your hotel.. Taxi stands and roving taxis are metered,inexpensive, all over the place , with no tipping and safe. The bus to town is safe. and Oh the views!~ As you leave customs you will be on the same floor as buses and cabs. Easy! Car rental is NOT advisable. Taxis serve for transport everywhere.They are wonderful.
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  • Larry Rose At this writing 2800 COPesos to the dollar, making Colombia a very cheap treat if you use dollars or transfer dollars to pesos at the ATM, Cajero. There are many cajeros at the airport, in English or Spanish and around town. Use the cash machines in the malls or supermarkets, not in the street..and you will be a bit safer.