High on Life in Medellin

We are off to Santa Fe de Antioquia with in laws for a day at our club spa.

Pergamino this morning for Latte and croissants in el Poblado..

Off to Plaza Botero and a quick look at the Museo de Antioquia again.  Lunch in great restaurant on the terrace overlooking the Plaza.

http://gotomedellin.com/restaurants-in-medellin/    a great new website!!!

Packing for swimming up to the bar at the club.  Temps about ten degrees warmer in Sta Fe de Antioquia.  WE may overnight it, or not.  About two hours or less of mountain road to get there.

Andrea is off for a week in the Amazon.  *Along side actually.()))

We have been in the new Laureles house for a week .  What a beaustiful quiet street three blocks from Viva! shopping mall.
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Kitchen improvements are done, lots of rewiring throughout, most pictures are hung incl my PME posters.

Beatriz made chicken au champignons, boiled parsley potatoes w home made mayonnaise, white rice and iced mango / lulo juice.

Breezes from the west blowing across the patio into the house...

I broke 90 kilos today.  Secret?  NO American food.  Casual walking.  Beatriz keeping me honest. I was as high as 125 kilos..  That.s 264 lbs down to 189.

We arranged for a mass to bless the house next week.