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"EXPAT"? Racist term, or anti-Ethnic Term?

"When I was a kid all my friends parents were from Cuba and the Dominican. Sure they're immigrants.... And expats,"

In the international migrations vocabulary, there are still lot of remanent of the western white supremacy ideology, where hierarchical class of words are created to different white people from the rest of humanity,...
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  • Larry Rose Clearly a clarifying PC statement. From now on I will use Gringo... but I want to keep the name on my blog. "MEDELLIN< COLOMBIA: an EXPAT'S VIEW"Then Again I will Change it "An Ameican's View" Now that's not PC either and for good logical reasons. ...See More
  • David Caballo Farang I will always be an expat. I made that decision when I was 17
  • David Caballo Farang And unless I'm speaking to another north American will I refer to myself as an American

 So maybe I need to change the name of my blog.  nah....  just realize that I would prefer that I had been more aware and had entitled it "A Person from the USA's View of Medellin where the person now lives".

I'm a NORTH AMERICAN, not an American? I'm a person, not a guy.  A United States of Americanian? Gringo?