Unfortunately this is all too typical of Americans abroad, US tourists in France or Expats in Colombia, an attitude of superiority when very little of that is actually merited in my opinion..    I changed the names, but they are each well-known Gringo expats in Medellin... ...It started off light but then Vince chimed in...

"NORMAN" says...little known fact: Colombians don't use can openers.
Why? not much is eaten from cans.
I had to teach a half a dozen people
a) what a can opener was
B) how to use it.

    •  Vince... They also rarely use vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dryers, napkins, turn signals when driving, watches for anything other than looks, their cell phone to make outbound calls, toilet seat covers, credit cards, or good judgement when investing their money for the future. (PC note: of course these are generalizations and don't reflect the entire population)

  • Larry says, "Vince, this is about my wife and my brothers and sisters here in Colombia and all of my Colombian friends. They use napkins!  That is outrageously stupid. and much of the rest comes from your feelings of superior values you think as an American"

Quincy now scolds me for getting personal.  I ask him if he realizes what an insult Vince laid out to all Colombians, ethnocentric, American cheap shots. 

  • Norman..PC note at the bottom of his statement was generalizations and do not reflect the entire population


  • Larry Rose PC... yes... but where does this come from, the need to compare Colombians with Americans and say we are better somehow? Rugs? 240 elec service? I would rather have my warm and loving family here and in the states than any "plan for the future." I've had both and one failed me pretty much although it allowed me enough cash to be able to come to Colombia and thrive in the other.

  • Norman. No we're not all in the loser category, you know that. Quincy's family rocks, mine does, we teach them what they don't know. And if they want what you've got, they do what you do. I refuse to let anyone close to me live in everlasting ignorance. Hence,can opener class.

LARRY says, "YOU teach Norman and also learn.  I'm not sure about some of our friends.  One would think they had learned that different does not mean inferior...not in any way!!!  Especially not in this great country".