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Parque de Las Luces Fotografias


WRITTEN WTH PME, Bay Areans, Cool Southern Cal friends and relatives and my Cool Relatives in NY and my Erasmus Hall ALUMS IN MIND....

Ahhh to visit (or retire) in Medellin!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh  But how does this appeal especially to the sophisticated, cool, environmentally focused, art and music gang --- my friends above?

Gotta REPEAT THIS OVER AND OVER...... to my friends in Arizona especially...

IT IS NOT IN ANY WAY LIKE MEXICO or CUBA...  The culture is different.  The food is completely different,  Even the way Spanish is spoken is completely different.  It is safer than Mexico nowadays by a long shot.  So when you think Colombia, do NOT think Mexico.  Mexico can be wonderful of course, Cuba can be intriguing, but Colombia is different!!!

Smoking is rare... no cigars, (although you can buy Cuban cigars) very few cigarettes on the streets. No cigarettes in bars, clubs, restaurants, public transportation.  Breathe free.

Medical care is excellent and inexpensive and modern and well-equipped…

WHO should retire to Medellin... from Live and Invest Overseas

By Kathleen Peddicord, a few choice words on Medellin and the American retiree that might just love it here for sure!  fer shure..

Who Should Retire To Medellin, Colombia?
Medellin is a pretty, tidy city with a near-perfect climate. It's also culturally and recreationally rich and diverse in a sophisticated, developed-world kind of way. On any given day, you could visit a museum or see a tango show. There's opera in season, shopping year-round, and dance clubs, nightclubs, and white-glove interactive outdoor museum-parks, an aquarium, an amusement park, botanical gardens, a planetarium, a "Barefoot Park" with a Zen garden, and dozens of small, neighborhood parks and treed plazas. 

Medellin is an economic and financial center for Colombia, as well as a literary and an artistic one. It's the base for newspapers, radio networks, publishing houses, an annual poetry festival, an international jazz festival, an international tango festival, and an annua…
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Author:        Author's   bio Share this post/page... Last weekend as Beatriz and I left our apartment at about 11 AM we both stopped, looked at each other and agreed that we were astonished once again by the beauty of the place and the wonderful weather.