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....TOURISTS/Visitors from US, Canada, EU, Andean Countries,  do not need a Visa.  You will be given one, written into your passport, when you arrive in Colombia. It's usually good for 90 days.  Ask the agent for 90 days. (noventa dias).

....How to...Extend tourist Visa... Great article from MEDELLIN LIVING

....LONGON... ALAN GONGORA BEST VISA REFERENCES AND SERVICES    Most trusted Gringo Lawyer in Medellin, Alan Gongora's company can meet most if not all of your legal needs--- visas, taxes, business permits etc etc. 

Please note, "Marriage to Colombian National Visa" is called TP-10.  RICH HOLMAN's Superb newsletter just published complete info on TP -10 and the Cedula Extranjero...    Look it up at RICH HOLMAN'S NEWSLETTER.

NOTA BENE!!!!!   I do not endorse any of the services listed but you may find the help you need getting a visa hereon.....

....Ministry of Foreign Relations... VISA page   

You can click on the small British Flag for English for more info incl addresses of offices in Bogota, Procedures etc.  The process is not to be feared.  When you arrive there you will see an electronic billboard that helps you with procedures in this English. 

I do not necessarily endorse any visa company or any other such service. In fact, you should be able to do the visa yourself.  Maybe.  If you have the time and energy.   And confidence in basic Spanish.  

It amazes me that many of the clerical staff at the government immigration and Visa agencies of Colombia have very little or no English.   At the American Embassy in Bogota you will find the same thing, little English!!! At the consulates in the States they all speak English. 

I live in Medellin,   so...The TP-10 for example required a trip to Bogota to the Ministerio de Relaciones Extranjeros offices.  (North side of Bogota, Carrera 19, NOT the main Ministry in Barrio Candelaria!)

Avoiding Bogota has become a way of life (cold, ugly, high, wet, expensive in my opinion)  for me, but I had to go.  

Most of the Visa  types can be obtained at the Embassy of Colombia in DC or Consulates in several US cities, for example, the Pensionado Visa. (For folks on guaranteed governmental pensions, SSI, Teacher Pensions etc.  Age is not a factor).

If you have a guaranteed income and it is from private sources look into the Rentista VISA.  

Still in the States????  Call the consulate near your location and ask what you need.   
For example I used the consulate on Market Street in San Francisco.    

In this video, USA Immigration Lawyer, Camilo Rincon, explains the U.S. Fiance Visa process.
Attorney Camilo Rincon explains the K-1 Fiance Visa. USA Tel: 347-954-9534 - Colombia Tel: 300-3369681 - WWW.RRULEGAL.COM. Abogados - Rodriguez, Rincon, Ugeh...
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I do not endorse any of the services listed but you may find the help you need getting a visa here.....

Requirements for Colombia Business Owner Visa (partner or owner of a commercial establishment), Colombia Business Visa Costs, Professional Immigration Assistance
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  • Is it too hard for you to get a visa because your not married, not retired, cant purchase a property and you dont want to work for minimum wage in Colombia? Consider starting your own company. With a little hard work you can promote your own company and work for yourself in Colombia. We work with Colombia Legal & Accounting sas to create companies for foreigners which give you full work privilages and a 1 year visa as a business - Call James today for more information at 301-337-1881 or 305-767-2766 or
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