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Don Santiago Does It Again! Lunch in Alpujarra District of Medellin

Ah , Lunch with Beatriz in Medellin.  In what has become almost a ritual lunch for us, on the third floor of the Centro Commercial Gran Plaza at the Parque de las Luces, Don Santiago does his potato magic with the most delightful ajiacco this side of Candelaria in Bogota where it was invented.  Ah...Ajiacco, the three potato chicken soup brought to palate with the explosiveness of cilantro and cream and capers added, with rice to thicken and avocado to enhance and a green salad on the side, prepared by Don Santiago and his kitchen staff, is to die for at least once a week.

Parque de las Luces at night
Parque de las Luces
Plaza Mayor
Alpujarra Plaza
EPM Biblioteca
Waste Sculpture, Museo de Agua
 Hundreds of state and city office workers gather at the Gran Plaza each day for lunch.  Handsome young executives, richly dressed men and women, office staffs and workers come for lunch.  It is a parade of the young and beautiful in Medellin, a city overflowing with the young and beautiful…

Affordable Care Act and EXPATS

From International Living Magazine

The article answers my question on the Affordable Care Act... since I am on Medcare I am within the bounds of "Obamacare"... no $$$$ fine for me.  How about you???

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Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013
Dear International Living Reader, Recently, not a week has gone by when a reader hasn’t written in to ask us about the Affordable Care Act (ACA)...and what that means for expats. People are confused and worried about whether they’ll need coverage if they move overseas...and it’s not difficult to see why. Conflicting reports in the media as well as shaky information from Washington have only served to confuse matters more.
We’re not the only ones who have been getting a lot of questions about the ACA. Lately, physician of 23 years, Dr. Timothy J. Garrett has been fi…


Dear Overseas Opportunity Letter Reader, 

It’s a big year for Santa Fe de Antioquia, the small but almost perfectly preserved Spanish-colonial town tucked away in the Colombian Andes some 50 miles from Medellin. 

On Aug. 11, Santa Fe celebrated the 200th anniversary of its unilateral declaration of independence from the Spanish crown, when the town's fathers, inspired by the French and American revolutions and Napoleon's victories in Spain, proclaimed that they had “ceremoniously thrown off the yoke” of Spanish rule and were “free forever.” 

True up to a point. Three years later, after the Iron Duke had put the kibosh on little Bony at Waterloo, the Spanish Monarchy took a lash to the back of this rebellious enclave. The President of independent Santa Fe was duly marched before a firing squad, defiantly proclaiming that ''to live today is a disgrace. Man does not exist only to live.” It was not until the 1830s that Santa Fe and the rest of modern Colombia got true indepen…


It is so boring now that all of these articles praising Medellin start off with something about Pablo Escobar. It's like having all articles about NYC starting off with something about Lucky Luciano or Chicago articles starting with Al Capone. Writers! get over it, the easy opening, and come up with something new to start your praise of MEDELLIN!

well here's a howdy do

International Mime and Clown Festival (MIMAME)
November 2 @ 6:00 pm - November 10 @ 11:00 pm Unnamed Venue,
Well, we apologize for this...  I gotta get outta town for a while.


I hope she doesn't mind...

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Live And Invest Overseas Article--Finca

Plus, From Larry Rose This Week:

Above urbane and sophisticated Medellin is another plane. Up here, in the mountains that surround the Andean valley city, in the plateau towns of Altos de las Palmas and Santa Elena, is another way of life, one that is, for me, muy simpatico!
My fiancee Beatriz and I were invited to spend Sunday at the mountain finca of friends Aylin and Gustavo. We traveled a well-paved road winding around Alto de Las Palmas and arrived in time to enjoy Aylin and the housekeeper cooking and preparing for the Smeal, which was an event, enjoyed leisurely and with much wine and conversation. 

After dinner, we ventured outside for the evening paseo, as the air continued to cool. The typical year-round daytime temperature up here is 74 degrees; overnight, these temperatures fall to 55 degrees or lower. We walked with the entire family, including the housekeeper's children and the family beagle, past flowerbeds, fruit trees, parrots, lorikeets, and the occasional road sign…


Hi,  Check the URL and Sign my Petition...Please....
I have been personally affected because I have paid into Medicare for all these years yet now I have to buy very expensive insurance  therefore paying twice for medical coverage.  We can save Medicare millions by making it portable overseas.  All of us expats are not fat cats...most are living on small pensions like me.

That's why I created a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, which says:

"We  can save millions on Medicare by allowing elder retirees overseas to use it to pay for medical expenses at the inexpensive overseas rates rather than coming back to the states to pay the very high prices necessary there.
As a retiree I paid into Medicare but now living overseas I cannot use it.   Portability is available for corporation employees, but why not retirees?"

Will you sign this petition? See  the details and sign up...Click here: