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-Restaurante Brahama-
Great menu (incl. vegetarian)
Calle 5 No. 15-11
-Hotel Menexu-
Friendly and inexpensive
Carrera 15 No. 4-74
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San Agustin
        10 hours south of Bogota, Colombia lies the world heritage site ofSan Agustin, a small town of 18,000 people with breathtaking scenery,great music and home to a key archeological area in South America.  Plagued by guerilla warfare in the past, the people of San Agustinwant everyone to know that they are back and ready for business, andthat the area is far more secure and safe to travel than it was a few yearsago. There are also new roads and faster routes to this prime destination,…


Two of the five South American Ecological Biodiversity Hotspots are in Colombia.
Choco-Magdalena  and Andean Tropical... Read about them here..
Top 5 Biodiversity Hotspots in South America

According to Conservation International, they are the Atlantic Forest, the Cerrado (both located in Brazil), the Chilean Winter Rainfall-Valdivian Forests , the Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena corridor, and the Tropical Andes from Venezuela to northern Chile and Argentina.
Unbelievably, the Tropical Andes region contains about a sixth of all plant life in less than 1 percent of the world's land area. A truly staggering statistic. It spans 1,542,644 km², from western Venezuela to northern Chile and Argentina, and includes large portions of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
A virtual continental island bounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Andes Mountains, and the Atacama Desert, theChilean Winter Rainfall-Valdivian Forests harbours richly endemic flora and fauna. The hotspot covers 397,142 km² of the central…

COLOMBIA TRAVEL's PHOTOs... worth a look

Post by Medellí

JUST keep clicking through!

Thursdays are Special

T-storming all about... but in a few hours we may get the transmontane sunset look. Gorgeous in all its moods...Medellin... Coming down wowsers rattling the roof over the interior veranda. My studio looks out to the inner court, so I can't hear the Brahms I have on the stereo, the Fourth Symphony. Dona Sylvia is arranging stuff in the veranda. Plants, wood for the new library furniture. Martin's workbench.
Today started with a gentle knock on my bedroom door.  "Senor Larry, tu quieres desayuno?"  "I'd love breakfast, thanks Dona Sylvia".  Beatriz was already at work and little Andrea was at school.  Dona Sylvia had already prepared Martin's breakfast and the aromas filled the place.  A quick shower, hot then warm then Rica Rica---cold.  
Breakfast was what Martin called "un Calentado".  He claimed it was an Antioquian treat, special to Medellin.  "You take this and this and this and that and mix with an egg or two.  Really good!  A Cale…



Harvard Awards Medellin Urban Design... the Veronica Rudge Green Prize

Colombia’s Medellin wins Harvard award for urban designposted by Oliver Griffin

Proyecto Urbanistico Nororiental Medellin (Photo) Medellin travel
Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city, on Tuesday evening won the Veronica Rudge Green award for urban design at an award ceremony held at the prestigious Harvard university. The award, which recognises ingenuity and innovation for archetectural design, was awarded to the Northeastern Urban Integration Project in Medellin. The award not only honors city authorities for continued support of the project, but also the design leadership of architect Alejandro Echeverri. The project has seen the rejuvenation of the Northeastern part of the city and has exhibited how urban design can overcome problems presented by difficult landscapes.
Post by Medellí
One of the judges, Michael Sorkin added that “historically we have understood that Landscape Architecture sits in one place, Architecture in another, and Urban Design and Planning [in ano…


About Labor Day... I am personally proud of my role in supporting 
my local NEA = APT teacher's unions as a member. local rep and 
state council member. I am also proud of my family's membership 
and leadership roles in the TWU, ILGWU, Teamsters, and 
Milliner's Union during the 20th century. 

Without the labor movement  the country would have fallen
 to Fascism or Communism. That didn't happen! 
Thank the Unions!  
Thank the organized labor movement.  
Do what you can to support the workers of our nation.
PS...  I live in a country that does
 not have a labor movement, 
Colombia.  It has, at best, weak 
consolidations of farmers and miners. 
 As a result, although Colombia never
 was quite a Fascist State or a 
Communist State, it was always
 a constitutional democracy,  it teetered, 
and the country during the twentieth 
century was weak and in a state of 
terror and violence unknown in the 
United States.  If the workers had 
had the opportunity to organize, to
 see to the well-being of a…

lovely place, this Medellin

SEPTEMBER--- down time? I don't think so

Ya got the Sixth Annual International Music Festival

Ya got the Jazz Festival

Ya got the 5k Color Run

Ya got Beyonce on the 22nd

#madeinamerica Thank you Philly! 
Ya got Big Time internecine Soccer...Atletico vs Independiente

OPERA SEASON starts with CARMEN at Teatro Metropolitano

And the Book and Culture Fair 9/13-22


David Lee's great Blog and Newsletter...


If you are on the fence about visiting down here, let me produce a list of considerations which I hope might sway your decision.

1)  My friends stay free at my house, or if they prefer they can stay in a very large private room with private bath and kitchen privileges, large screen TV,  at a boarding house nearby, very clean, safe, quiet, for $25/ night/ room, (Lina's at Air B and B) or at a four star luxury hotel in the neighborhood for $59/night/room. (Hotel INNTU and spa).

                            Flowers and Greenery everywhere!
But I think these azaleas live in San Ramon, California.  hehehehe

2) With your US Passport you do not need a visa of any kind to stay up to 3 months.  I have a Pensionado visa, so I can stay up to a year without renewing.  You have unlimited exits and re-entries with Colombian visas.

3)  Colombia is the nearest South American nation to the US.  The flights are short once you get to Fort Lauderdale or Houston.  There is very good service from Las Vegas t…

GROUPON Medellin... a look at retailing and the costs of stuff.

I thought this might be interesting giving you a flavor of what's happening here on the retail products and services markets.  

GROUPON Medellin sends me these everyday.  I'm sure many of you are familiar with Groupon in your areas in the states.  As you look at the prices remember that to get US prices, get rid of the zeros and divide by 2.  

So if a service or product costs COP 28.000 that means it's about $14 US.

They also have a travel only letter that they send with wonderful opportunities to visit the beaches, the mountains, the national parks, the other cities, the coffee areas,  and forests of this ultra-diverse nation for very little money.  These can be added of course to your trip to visit Medellin.

Forbearance in SYRIA

Gassing is horror... It must never be countenanced.  On the other hand, are there, in the long run, more effective ways of handling this than cruise missiles?  The US should act, but how?  This video speaks to alternatives...from MoveON.

I know it's a reach, but it is peripheral to the question of how the US has approached its relations with Latin America including very especially Colombia.  What would Teddy Roosevelt have done to seize Panama if he had cruise missiles?  Well, he had the equivalent... the gunboats of the US Navy and he used them against Colombia to seize Panama.

A MUST READ...  Overthrow, by Stephen Kinzer.  America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq.