Bad news following more bad news... 80 is the new 60, 400 rich folk with half the wealth, everybody in the government on the take, social security and medicare under attack,, Simon Legree retailers, Walmart exists, Not so much good news unless you're in the bubbly stock market....

Just laying this out to my friends of retirement age....and for future consideration for the rest of you...and tell your friends too...

IF you can show a $1200/mo guaranteed income from SSI or a state or corporate pension or have a nice nest egg in a bank or 401/403, you can get a Pensioner Visa and stay in Colombia for as long as you like,  and in three years become a resident with EXCELLENT socialized medicine etc  Private patient medicine is dirt cheap too.... but meanwhile you can stay on your visa for as long as you like, renewable from here in Colombia! (NEW) yearly.

then for example

There are two prime apts across the street from us for rent in an ultramodern building on beautiful street in Laureles. Family, PME'ers, ...we will cosign for you so you can have either cheap... 700-800 per month, two bedrooms, 2 baths, balcony, elevator third or fourth floor. Quiet street, short walk from Unicentro Mall, the University for classes and recreation,  and all transportation.. C'mon down. Such bargains are available to foreigners like me only with property owner cosigners like us (Beatriz and her family). Those without cosigners must pay $1800-$2500 like I used to for an equivalent apt in Medellin.Many more such apts at bargain rates for cosignees in Laureles are available.

IF YOU want to come down just to look you can stay with us of course and you don't need a visa as an American citizen, only your passport and a return ticket.  A tourist can stay for up to three months.  RT tix from the west coast are $700-1000 depending on airline, from east coast about $600.  Food and everything else is very inexpensive here and you can live beautifully car free!  No car needed.  Imagine saving all of that!

The US and CA especially or NY are wonderful, they are HOME after all, but if things go south there (I Hope not)  for the country or for you personally as they did for me, this is worthy of consideration.  It is a beautiful place on the rise and will welcome you and yours..



  1. NB ... as of this posting, Nov 2016, prices for air are $550 USD RT from the Bay Area and $300 or so from NYC. We are only 3 hrs south of Miami.


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