If you are on the fence about visiting down here, let me produce a list of considerations which I hope might sway your decision.

1)  My friends stay free at my house, or if they prefer they can stay in a very large private room with private bath and kitchen privileges, large screen TV,  at a boarding house nearby, very clean, safe, quiet, for $25/ night/ room, (Lina's at Air B and B) or at a four star luxury hotel in the neighborhood for $59/night/room. (Hotel INNTU and spa).

                            Flowers and Greenery everywhere!
But I think these azaleas live in San Ramon, California.  hehehehe

2) With your US Passport you do not need a visa of any kind to stay up to 3 months.  I have a Pensionado visa, so I can stay up to a year without renewing.  You have unlimited exits and re-entries with Colombian visas.

3)  Colombia is the nearest South American nation to the US.  The flights are short once you get to Fort Lauderdale or Houston.  There is very good service from Las Vegas to Medellin.  ( Spirit, JetBlue, American, United, Avianca, LAN all come to Medellin's ultramodern brand new international airport).

4)  The weather is consistently lovely, moderate, cool to warm, springlike,  all year every day.  Medellin is located in a green mountain valley in the northern Andes at an approximate altitude of 4800 feet.  The daily temperatures may get as high as 84 degrees but are usually in the mid seventies, cooling off at night to the sixties.  It is extremely heating or A/C is required in homes.  Some theaters and markets are air conditioned.  Once again, this is all year every day.  We sleep with the windows open and a light blanket.  See number SIX. (no bugs).

5) Cool clean water from the tap.  No filters needed.  No waterborne diseases to upset your tummy.

6) No bugs, no flies or mosquitoes.  No tropical diseases.  No vaccinations necessary.

7) Dress is casual in all venues incl concert halls, clubs, restaurants.  Women wear jeans and tee shirts.. stylish yes but casual.  A light summer dress is as dressy as you need to be under any circumstances.  Men, long pants and comfortable short sleeves or teeshirts.  Ties??? no!  Panama hats, baseball caps... really easy going.

8)  What to do, what to see, where to eat... all in the blogs and tourist guides and since I'm here, well...
Many things to do etc. are unique to Medellin.  A great town for touring and as a base to explore the nation and the rest of South America.
Everyday dress.