First of all, it seems like there is always a music festival or arts fest of some kind going on here in Medellin.  Sometimes I can't keep track, that's why I love David's Blog.  Anyway we have had the Electronic Music Festival, the Music during the Feria de las Flores, the Poetry Festival, Colombiamoda, Tango ... well now there's the BIGTIME Festival,

I think that this would be a great mechanism through which to get my favorite Bay Area groups down here.

Like RT is $650, best hotel rooms are $59-100, fine accomodation can be had for $20/nt, food etc ... inexpensive.  Well Maybe PME and QSF  would consider this for next year or 2015.  NO VISA NECESSARY, the water is cool and clean from the Andes.  Very little smoking here.  

Dunno... I'll put it to them.  Of course PME just got back from CUBA...and maybe this (while being IMHO a totally different experience) might be too much Latin America.  Dunno.

Could you imagine QSF's tango set in Medellin..??? They would go nuts!!!  Medellin is second only to Buenos Aires for Tango.