A LIST of Stuff #1

-  Coke , Zero and Pepsi are available in sugar free.  So is Colombiana, a soft drink like a vanilla soda.

- All male Colombians know who Edgar Renteria is.

- Cabbies are really proud of Las Mujeres Paisas.  Seriously, I know it's superficial and skin deep, but OMG...the women.

- There are panaderias y reposterias on every other corner.. bread and dessert shops with coffee.

- Popcorn comes fresh popped at the movies either sweet or salted.  The popcorn is called "palomitos", Little doves.  And refills of large baskets are free.

-The US Secret Service guys should have paid the prostitutes in Cartagena.

- You can get a vegetarian three egg omelet for $2.50 at just about every corner restaurant.

- There are more kinds of fruit here than you can shake a guanabana at.  Try a lulo, or tomate de arbol.

- Three ounce espresso costs $0.87 everywhere.  A doble is a dollar five.

- You can get real sugar or Stevia or chemo-sugar with your coffee.  Black coffee is called a Tinto.  Of course that also means red wine.  But not too far away is that almost all coffee houses will add liqueurs like Bailey's etc to your coffee.

-As an older person I am escorted to the front of the line at soccer matches.  Also if there is a long line at the movie theater, I am offered a seat to wait my turn or I am put at the front of the line.  In the movie theaters all seats are reserved, so that can make waiting to buy a ticket a bit long.

- The ophthalmologist treated my scratched cornea including a complete workup, glaucoma screening, prescription for new glasses, vascularization check, , eye drops and antibiotic drops, and follow up for Forty Dollars, US.  I got to see her about thirty minutes after "dropping in".  She spoke perfect English.  And, being a Paisa,......... very lovely.  Charming.

-When you use a credit card for a purchase the salesperson or waitperson will ask you "Cuantas Cuotas?"  How many payments?  say Uno, por favor.

- You can watch "Duck Dynasty " here on SAP English!

-Many movies are in the original language with Spanish subtitles, while next door at the multiplex you can choose to see it dubbed into Spanish.  BTW there are no commercials tacked on before the coming attractions.

- If you have a private room at a hotel, but you'ld like to bring a lady guest up to watch TV let's say, the rate goes up.  I wonder what that's all about?  Hmmm... I wonder????  Hmmm???

- I stream KDFC, KNBR, KQED, KCBS  and KQII on my computer.

- You do not need any sort of Visa to visit Colombia as a US, Canadian or EU citizen.  Your passport is sufficient for up to 90 days.

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